Results of the PAFO-COLEAD 2024 satisfaction survey

Results of the PAFO-COLEAD 2024 satisfaction survey

The PAFO-COLEAD partnership

Since 2020, the Pan-African Farmers’ Organization (PAFO) and COLEAD are implementing a strategic partnership that aims at strengthening fair and sustainable business linkages between African smallholders, farmer groups and agri-food Micro-, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Together, they develop joint activities in support of sustainable food systems transformation in Africa to promote sustainable and inclusive growth, poverty alleviation, food security, food safety, and nutrition.

The Innovations Series

Since November 2020, 19 online sessions featuring 81 African farmer-led businesses and MSMEs that shared their best practices and lessons learned have been organised by the PAFO and COLEAD. The so-called Innovations Series is intended to support African entrepreneurs (current and to come) to seize the opportunities offered by local, regional and export markets offered by various value chains. The series also features the contributions of those who support an enabling environment for African entrepreneurs from policy, research and support to business. Topics include: value addition, sustainability, regional trade, technological innovations etc.

The Agrinnovators website

Upon requests made by participants in the Innovations Series to have a space for information exchange and networking, the PAFO and COLEAD launched in October 2023 a joint website: This website consolidates all the information linked to the Innovations Series, including a business profile for each featured company and publications and articles on specific topics. It also provides a space for exchange and networking through forum discussions.

Results of the 2024 satisfaction survey

To improve their joint activities and best meet African farmers’, entrepreneurs’ and other professionals’ working on agrifood-linked topics expectations, the PAFO and COLEAD organise regular satisfaction surveys. A second satisfaction survey was organised in 2024 (17 January – 1 March 2024) to collect feedback about the Innovations Series and linked activities, particularly the website Agrinnovators, to further improve the joint activities and measure their impact. The report below (link) provides an overview of the results of this second satisfaction survey.

Report about the PAFO-COLEAD Satisfaction Survey 2024

The PAFO and COLEAD are committed to supporting the sustainable food systems transformation in Africa by strengthening fair and strong business linkages between African smallholders, farmer groups and agrifood MSMEs. Both partners will continue to work together and develop joint activities that support key local operators and their positive impacts on food security and safety, poverty alleviation, capacity building and sustainability.

Jul 18, 2024

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Join our Agrinnovators community forum to discuss and explore how to encourage innovations across agricultural value chains to transform food systems in Africa, promote sustainable agriculture, and leverage investment. Share insights, ask questions, and collaborate on innovative solutions for a greener future

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