SmartTech solutions for horticultural value chains

SmartTech solutions for horticultural value chains in ACP countries

Technological innovations and digital solutions have revolutionised the agrifood sector, reshaping the way food is produced and supplied. This tech revolution has also reached (smallholder) farmers who can use technology and digital solutions to improve their activities by accessing market, trainings, and identifying pests and diseases on time. Food processing technologies, cooling systems, packaging technology and precision agriculture methods, as well as mobile money and E-commerce platforms can increase sustainability, efficiency, economic growth and the efficiency of the value chain operations. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and farmers face challenges in adopting technological innovations in terms of initial investment, technological skills, access to suitable technologies, infrastructures and maintenance service. Digital technology can also increase the digital divide, excluding those who do not have connectivity or mobile phones, in particular smallholders farmers.

The Innovations Session n°15 aimed at sharing technological solutions to raise awareness about their potential and the existing solutions that SME owners and smallholders in Africa – and beyond – can adopt to ease their operations, improve their outcomes and enhance their resilience and sustainability. Inspiring entrepreneurs presented how their technological innovations support unlocking the full potential of the African agrifood sector. The presented innovations include a soil analysis kit (ClinicAgro, Cameroon), agro-industry data analytics (InterConnect Point Ltd, Uganda); technological solutions supporting the pineapple value chain (BioLife Tech, Benin), the e–granary mobile-based digital platform and a wide range of digital solutions and services for stakeholders in Africa’s water and agricultural sectors (Manobi Africa).

Technologies and digital solutions are expanding worldwide, driven by the emergence of mobile phones and smartphones. It is more and more possible for farmers, including smallholders, to access market prices, advisory services for information about possible pests and diseases, and community radio broadcasts and training videos through their phones. In this context, the COLEAD has analysed existing SmartTech solutions for horticultural value chains in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to support their adoptions. The report Technologies and digital solutions for ACP horticulture (2022) explains the terminology and available technologies, provides an overview of relevant use-cases and solutions, addresses risks and challenges for their implementation and the keys to success. This technical brochure is available for free in English and French. Learn more about technologies and digital solutions and share your feedback in the forum!

Jun 13, 2024

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