Innovations Session N°13

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Producers’ and SMEs Innovations in Agroecology for Sustainable Agrifood Systems

The recording of the session is available in English, French, and Portugese on YouTube


The way forward

The complexity of food systems requires a more holistic and coordinated approach to finding solutions for meeting the SDGs. Many food security and nutrition challenges are complex problems whose solutions require interdisciplinary and integrated approaches by all stakeholders involved.

Entrepreneurs operating in agri-value chains need to benefit from policy measures and incentives to transition to more sustainable practices and participate to the green economy.

Capacity building is at the heart of the agroecological approach and support is needed to scale up skills development in new production, distribution and consumption models based on agroecological principles benefiting the value chain actors.

Inclusiveness and participation of all stakeholders in the design and implementation of sustainable approaches adapted to local contexts have to be encouraged.

Peer to peer learning and exchange of best practices are the core of the Innovations Sessions that PAFO and COLEAD organise. Farmers and entrepreneurs will share how they contribute to agroecological transitions and what innovations they are developing which could inspire others.

Key points for discussion:

  • What are the key innovations that farmers and entrepreneurs develop and adopt contributing to agroecological transitions?
  • What type of investments are needed to support entrepreneurs to contribute further to agroecology?
  • What incentives can be provided to SMEs and smallholders to better acquire technical skills needed to contribute to the circular economy?

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Join our Agrinnovators community forum to discuss and explore how to encourage innovations across agricultural value chains to transform food systems in Africa, promote sustainable agriculture, and leverage investment. Share insights, ask questions, and collaborate on innovative solutions for a greener future

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