Innovations Session N°16


Niche marketing strategies for SMEs and smallholder farmers

Niche markets in African agriculture are specific segments of larger markets that have their own requirements, preferences or identity, setting them apart from the rest of the market. In essence, in niche markets, farmers produce commodities that are differentiated from global products, and focus on a specific segment of customers who have unmet or poorly satisfied needs, and who are willing to pay a premium price for products or services that meet their needs.

Innovation and differentiation are ways of creating and offering unique products or services. Niche markets offer opportunities for small operators and SMEs, but also require investment in a number of areas. Brand positioning is a key factor that underlines the uniqueness of products and establishes a link with the consumer.

Consumers are increasingly aware of how their consumption and purchasing choices can have a positive impact on sustainable consumption. This is a positive trend that can help reduce the environmental footprint of human activities and promote a more responsible and ethical way of life. Brands wishing to attract these consumers need to communicate and market their products in a way that highlights their sustainable attributes and benefits, provides transparent and reliable information to help consumers make informed decisions, and tells a story.

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